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Proactive Voicemail Service to Connect Inmates with Their Families

Legacy Inmate Communications, a leading provider of correctional communication technologies, offers secure Voicemail Service that our current clients are eligible to add to their inmate communications package at no additional cost. Legacy’s inmate voicemail service will serve as an additional way to generate revenue and investigative opportunities for your agency, as well as another easy and affordable way for inmates to stay connected to their loved ones. All voicemails are stored in the same iCON system your agency uses to manage, monitor, and investigate inmate telephone calls.  


How It Works

Friends and Family


Friends and family can use their existing prepaid account to pay for their voice messages. They simply call your facility’s dedicated voicemail number, enter the inmate’s ID number, and record their message.  After the message is recorded, iCON will deliver the message to the inmate’s inbox and prompt your staff to approve the message before the inmate can hear it. 




Your staff will be able to review messages in real-time directly from Legacy’s iCON system so there is no need to move between two different systems for calling and messaging services. Your facility can either chose to review and approve all voicemails, or have iCON auto-approve the voicemails for you. The inmate will be able to listen to the voicemail once the message is approved.




After the message is approved, the inmate simply picks up a phone, enters their PIN, and listens to a loved one’s personal, pre-recorded message. This almost always prompts the inmate to place a call back to the message sender, ultimately increasing your facility’s overall call volume. The inmate will be able to listen to the voice message three times before the system deletes it from the inbox. 


Safe and Secure


Legacy’s voicemail service is safe and secure, with all messages processed through Legacy’s secure network. If desired, the system can be configured to require approval by facility staff for all messages prior to delivery.


Convenient Communication, Anytime


With voicemail, your constituents no longer need to worry about waiting for the inmate to call them to communicate important information. Now, the friend or family member can proactively communicate with their incarcerated loved one, and the message will be waiting for the inmate to retrieve the next time they have access to a telephone.


Another Affordable Way to Stay in Touch


Legacy’s voicemail rates are extremely affordable. Voicemail offers another way for inmates to stay in contact with their support system on the outside throughout their incarceration—without breaking the bank.


Additional Revenue Generation for Your Agency


Adding voicemail service to your facility will also serve to generate additional revenue for your agency. Voicemail service performs very well at the correctional facilities Legacy services nationwide. We have also found that it does not result in reduced phone call volume. Inmates and friends and family use the service frequently and appreciate the convenience and affordability.


In fact, the addition of voicemail service has proven to increase call volume at the facilities we service since it is typical for inmates to immediately call the messenger back after they receive a voicemail.


Legacy will turn up voicemail service at our clients facility at any point throughout the contract term at no cost and will immediately begin paying the established phone calling commission percentage on the revenue generated from voicemail as well.   


Increased Investigative Opportunities


With added communications comes the opportunity to gather more investigative data about potential criminal behavior. Voicemails are another form of evidence that can be used to help prevent and solve crimes. All voicemails will be accessible from and integrated into iCON for your review. Running a report on a specific inmate’s communications will bring up not only their phone calls but also their voicemails—all viewable on a single report.


Ease of Implementation


Inmates already use the telephones installed at your facility for calling. Legacy’s voicemail service offers another affordable way for them to stay in contact with their loved ones without the need to expand your facility’s communications hardware infrastructure. 


Legacy can turn up voicemail service in as little as a few days, at any time throughout the contract term, remotely and without the need for an on-site technician visit, and at no additional cost.


Your constituents and inmates will be reaping the benefits of more communication is no time. It’s that simple!


Education, Marketing, and Support are Covered


Your agency does not need to worry about educating inmates and the public on this new service and no extra work will be required from your staff to manage it.


Legacy will ensure that your inmates and constituents are aware of and know how to use all the communications services available to them. Legacy will provide informative literature explaining how to use each service and how to create and fund prepaid accounts.


The public can log on to our website at or call our 24-hour live customer support at 888-PAY-4-FAM to receive help at any time, day or night.


Like to Talk to Our Team


Legacy is always here to help. If you would like to learn more about this, or other services, please feel free to give us a call:


Duane Cutler: 800-553-1782

Darryl Hughes: 800-557-5534 Ext. 247

Mike Harvey: 800-557-5534 Ext. 224


About Legacy Inmate Communications


Legacy is a nationwide provider and has been a leader in the inmate communications industry for two decades, with headquarters in Cypress, California. The company has developed a number of state-of-the-art inmate communications platforms, such as iCON, WatchWord+, and iCONTracker.  Legacy is unique in that it is a single-source provider, researching, developing, building integration, and implementing every aspect of its inmate telephone and video visitation systems. For more information, please visit