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New Affordable Communication Options to be Offered at the Houston County Jail

Written by Allyson Walker

Picture by WTVY


Dothan, AL - Inmates at the Houston County Jail now have a lot more ways to stay connected with loved ones on the outside. In addition to traditional phone calls, they are also able to have video chats and even receive emails, video messages and voicemails

“We are really looking forward to seeing the effect these new options have on the inmate population,” said a representative from the Houston County Sheriff’s Office. “Inmates who communicate a lot with their families during their incarceration are much less likely to end up back here. Now that they have access to things like email, video messaging and voicemail—and this access is affordable—there’s nothing stopping them from maintaining those crucial relationships. They rely a lot on their families after they are released. If they’ve been able to have face-to-face contact with them through video chats on a regular basis during their incarceration, they will have a much stronger support system once they are released. Plus, there is something about seeing their spouses and kids and parents with their own eyes in their own home that really motivates them to get out—and stay out—of jail. This ultimately reduces the burden on the system and saves a lot of taxpayer dollars.”


Speaking of taxpayers—most will be pleased to learn that the new services won’t cost them a dime. The Houston County Commission approved a contract with Legacy Inmate Communications, a national provider of communication and investigative technology services for the corrections industry, last month. Under the agreement, Legacy will provide the Jail with inmate telephone, video visitation, email, video messaging, and voicemail services all at no cost. In fact, they will share a significant portion of the revenue generated with the facility, providing a much needed boost to the budget. Basically, everybody wins.


Even those using the services will benefit from reduced call costs. For example, a 15-minute collect call placed by an inmate to a number in Birmingham will cost $2.25 less than it did with the jail’s last inmate phone provider. Friends and family can send voicemails to inmates for $1.00 each, and emails will cost $1.00 for each exchange (the cost covers both the initial email and the reply).


President and CEO of Legacy, Curtis Brown, says, “We’re confident that these types of services are the future of inmate communications, and we understand how important it is to keep them affordable. We’re proud to be at the forefront of the industry in our technology development—not only providing new ways for incarcerated individuals to stay connected with their support system on the outside, but also providing increased security and investigative capabilities for law enforcement to apply to those communications. We are looking forward to working with Houston County to bring these new services to the Jail for the benefit of everyone involved.”


About Legacy Inmate Communications

Legacy is a nationwide provider and has been a leader in the inmate communications industry for nearly two decades, with headquarters in Cypress, California. The company has developed a number of state-of-the-art inmate communications platforms, such as iCON, WatchWord+, and iCON Tracker. Legacy is unique in that it is a single-source provider, researching, developing, building integration, and implementing every aspect of its inmate telephone and video visitation systems. For more information, please visit


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