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Jackson County Jail Launches New Video Visitation Service


Written by Allyson Walker


Black River Falls, WI, November 3, 2014 – The Jackson County, WI Sheriff's Office announced on November 3, 2014 that it will work in conjunction with Legacy Inmate Communications to introduce a new video visitation system at the Jackson County Jail. This service will make visiting with detained individuals more convenient and accessible for friends and family. Legacy is a nationwide provider of Inmate Communication Services and has been providing inmate telephone service at the Jail since December 2011.


Captain Mike Ring says, “We are excited to provide the Jackson County community and our detainees with this new service. It will offer our inmates even more opportunities to stay connected to their family and friends during their incarceration, which is so important.” The new video service will expand the current visitation days and hours.


Remote video visitation allows friends and family to have a video visit with an inmate from the privacy and comfort of their home. The service is similar to video conferencing programs used by the public, but it is specially designed for the corrections environment, equipped with important security features, visit scheduling and time allocation capabilities, and state-of-the-art tools for use by County investigators.


Remote video visitation at the Jail comes with a number of benefits. It will reduce wait times for on-site visitors, and small children can visit with incarcerated family members without exposure to the corrections environment. Important studies have shown that inmates who visit frequently with their loved ones on the outside are less likely to end up back in jail again after they are released. Best of all, the new service is affordable. A 15 minute online video visit actually costs less than a 15 minute non-local phone call. This means that for friends and family who don’t live close by, it is more cost effective to visit with their incarcerated loved one using the new video service—and that doesn’t even factor in the travel costs it will eliminate.


President and CEO of Legacy, Curtis Brown, says, “We’re confident that this type of remote visitation is the future of inmate communications. We are excited to work with Captain Ring to bring this new service to the Jackson County Jail for the benefit of everyone involved.”


Jackson County expects to begin offering remote video visitation service to the public on December 3, 2014. Captain Ring and his staff are anticipating a high volume of use for the system’s unveiling. For more information about this service or to begin scheduling video visits, please visit


About Legacy Inmate Communications

Legacy is a nationwide provider and has been a leader in the inmate communications industry for over 18 years, with headquarters in Cypress, California. The company has developed a number of state-of-the-art inmate communications platforms, such as iCON, WatchWord+, and iCON Tracker. Legacy is unique in that it is a single-source provider, researching, developing, building integration, and implementing every aspect of its inmate telephone and video visitation systems. For more information, please visit

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