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Legacy Inmate Communications Responds to FCC Instituted Rate Caps for In-state Inmate Calling

Written By: Curtis A Brown and Allyson Walker

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Legacy Inmate Communications, a leading provider of inmate communication services to several hundred correctional facilities throughout the United States, has issued its response to last week’s decision by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to further limit the cost of phone calls from jails and prisons. The new law will affect all types of inmate calls. 


Legacy Believes there are Serious Legal Questions Regarding the FCC’s Jurisdiction to Regulate In-State Inmate Call Rates More...

FCC Prepares for October Ruling on Inmate Calling Services

Written by James Lowery


As Legacy has communicated to our valued clients for the past several months, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has been considering proposing new rate regulations on all inmate calling


As a recap, in 2013 the FCC capped interstate calling rates at $0.25 for collect calls and $0.21 for prepaid calls (FCC 13-113). Now, in partnership with Commissioner Clyburn, Chairman Wheeler is proposing to cap rates for all ICS calls – local, long-distance, and international – while limiting fees on calls. More...

Travis County Faces Lawsuit for Allowing Recording of Privileged Inmate Calls to Attorneys

Written by Allyson Walker

Images by and Joe Mahoney/Rocky Mountain PBS I-News


Recent news about a federal lawsuit against the Travis County Sheriff’s Office provides a fresh reminder of how important it is for correctional facilities to make absolutely sure their inmates’ privileged phone calls and other communications are not recorded... or it could cost them.

The suit claims that the Texas facility violated client-attorney privileges by recording constitutionally protected calls between inmates and their defense lawyers which were supposed to be confidential.

While it may represent the most recent occurrence, it is by no means the first. Privileged conversations between inmates and lawyers have been wrongly recorded at multiple facilities across the country (Davidson County, TN, Alameda County, CA, and the Alaska Department of Corrections, just to name a few.) More...