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Remote Video Visitation with Inmates has a Promising Future

Written by James C. Lowery


An Advanced Solution for Inmate Visitation


Onsite video visitation systems for communicating with inmates have been available since 1995 using Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV). But recent strides in technology and service has brought video visitation into the 21st century.  Online video visitation allows inmates’ family and friends to visit inmates via personal, secure Internet video conferencing from the comfort of their homes.  The service is similar to video conferencing programs people use every day, but it is specially designed for the correctional environment, with secure video monitoring, pre-scheduled visit time allocations and the ability for the Detention Facility to easily store, recall and review individual visits. Legacy recently installed its newly minted remote video visitation system at the Dona Ana County Detention Center in New Mexico.


Doña Ana County Detention Center Adds Innovative Remote Video Visitation

Written by Cyrus Heravi

Image By Dona Ana County 

Dona Ana, NM, February 11, 2014 – The Doña Ana County Detention Center announced that the facility will work in conjunction with Legacy Inmate Communications to introduce a remote video visitation system at the Detention Center.  This service will make visiting detained individuals easier and more accessible for friends and family.  Legacy is a nationwide provider of Inmate Communication Services and has been providing the Detention Center with inmate telephone service and on-site video visitation services since December 2013.