Single SourceExperience the Difference of True Single Source Control

Single Source

An Organically Grown Single Source Company

A single source Inmate Communications provider is a sole company that provides the entire system and service you rely on. It is a conscious effort on the company’s part to streamline a product and service that will provide clients with the most comprehensive solution available. Ultimately, a single source company is the simple idea of having everything under one roof, coupled with the difficult task of building, owning and controlling every aspect of the communications infrastructure. Legacy is the only true single source company in the industry.

What Does It Take To Move Ahead?

Determination, discipline, and the hunger to succeed. Legacy’s understanding of industry history and trends, as well as our ability to anticipate future developments, are key reasons that Legacy has become one of the fastest growing inmate communication providers in the industry. We design and build every service we offer, we manage our own nationwide telecommunications network and we control every aspect of your communication experience. Legacy has what it takes.

Why Choose A Single Source Provider?

Consistency, control, and unmatched efficiency. Legacy excels at delivering continuity of service alongside an improved number of connections, which in turn equates to increased revenue for our clients. We are also deeply focused on continued product development to ensure that our team is always providing our clients with the best technology available. As a single source network and system provider, Legacy is in a unique position to meet all of your facility’s needs today, tomorrow and well into the future.

A True Industry Leader

An industry leader is more than just the largest company. A leader drives an industry to improve and grow for the benefit of all involved. A leader develops new solutions and consistently raises the bar by setting the standard for its product. Legacy is a true industry leader that is routinely the FIRST to introduce customer-centered services, technology innovations and investigative utilities.